About IntelliFactory IntelliFactory is the world-wide leading supplier of F# consulting, development and training services, and technologies that enable functional, reactive, client-based web development. As one of the very first adopters of F#, IntelliFactory has a long history of applying F# and functional programming in commercial domains, and specializes in a number of areas where the benefits of F# are immense, including asyncronous, distributed, and cloud computing; symbolic processing; language-oriented programming; domain-specific languages; and functional web development.

With several offices in Europe and the US, and a large network of the best F# talent around the world, IntelliFactory offers a unique combination of F# expertise, smart and creative staff, agility, and a proven track record to solve real-life problems quickly and effectively.

IntelliFactory is not an outsourcing company. We believe in the quality and not the quantity of our resources, and each and every one of our colleagues has been selected from a large pool of candidates to bring the most value and the richest skillset to our company. Our people are our greatest assets.

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