Lightbend provides an easy-to-use packaging of Scala, Akka, and developer tools via the open source Lightbend Stack, as well as commercial support and maintenance via the Lightbend Subscription. In conjunction with its partners, Lightbend also provides training and consulting services to accelerate the commercial adoption of Scala and Akka. Working together with leaders of the Scala and Akka open source communities, Lightbend seeks to give developers the modern tools they need to build the next generation of software applications for the era of multicore hardware and cloud computing workloads. Lightbend and Skills Matter have joined up forces to help aspiring and more experienced Scala developers with the skills they need through the provision of regular open enrollment classes: Lightbend's Fast Track to Scala Lightbend's Advanced Scala Lightbend's Fast Track to Play Lightbend's Fast Track to Akka All of the above courses can be provided as private training classes at your premises too and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Contact Skills Matter on or call us on +44 20 7183 9040

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