CohesiveFT has been providing enterprise-grade virtualization and cloud products since 2006 (Elastic Server, VPN-Cubed, Context Cubed). Our early participation in the market provides us with the expertise to help enterprises understand the real benefits of cloud computing from assessment through deployment. Our Cloud Container process is an experience informed methodology proven to take a client’s aspirational topology, i.e., the relevant aspects of their existing physical infrastructure, and create a Cloud Container Solution to enable the rapid on-demand deployment of the cluster topology in cloud environments.

CohesiveFT's Cloud Container Solutions are designed for ease of use across multiple clouds preventing vendor lock-in, so maintaining the agility cloud computing promises. Within the 'Container' CohesiveFT's Elastic Server image factory allows you to define, create and manage your images for multiple clouds, it's VPN Cubed overlay network allows you to deploy and control your own encrypted virtual network across one or multiple clouds and your datacentre, and it's Context Cube cluster configuration management engine allows you to add boot-time personalisation to launch and terminate clustered servers as one unit.

CohesiveFT has over 100 customers who have moved applications to the cloud, and more than 5,000 users creating over 20,000 portable virtual servers on it's web based Elastic Server community site. Find out more about making cloud computing enterprise ready at

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