Trifork is a leading full service supplier of high-quality custom-built applications and end-to-end solutions, enabling customers to seamlessly integrate and use new technologies. Trifork provides expert advice on the optimization of business critical IT systems and cutting-edge technology across a range of industries, from educational, finance, public, healthcare, manufacturing and telecom.

Both Trifork and Skills Matter have built a reputation for top quality expertise and content, and both partners have community at the heart of everything they do. Skills Matter is delighted to have Trifork's support to organise thousands more events and help its 60,000 strong community discover new technologies, learn new skills and evolve practices and ideas.

"Trifork has produced technology events in London over the last 8 years and we are very excited to partner with SkillsMatter to support Codenode" says Trifork's CEO, Jørn Larsen. "CodeNode is a unique venue that caters to our audience, the software community. We are convinced that this will result in a fantastic attendee experience at the first GOTO London, September 14-18, 2015".

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