Yahoo! Developer Network


Yahoo! Developer Network

YDN Tuesdays are a way to meet and hear technical presentations from Yahoo experts for free. They will be held on the first Tuesday of every month throughout 2009.

3rd February: James Broad: PHP, oAuth & Web Services

3rd March: Jose Palazon: PHP Security

7th April: Neil Crosby: Front End automated testing

5th May: Dirk Ginader: Web Accessibility

2nd June: Ted Drake: Yahoo! BOSS, Build your Own Search Service

7th July: Christian Heilmann: Placemaker

4th August: Steve Marshall: Code Generation in Action

1st September: Neil Crosby: Rapid Prototyping and Data Munging with Yahoo! Pipes

6th October: Ricardo Varela: Introduction to data processing with Hadoop and Pig

17th Nov:Todd Kloots: More Accessible User Interfaces with ARIA

The Yahoo! Developer Network offers Web Services and APIs that make it easy for developers to build applications and mashups. Yahoo! APIs let developers tap into Yahoo!'s world-class data and infrastructure to help power their businesses and integrate data sources in new ways, making the web a more useful and interesting place for everyone.

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