Event Store


Event Store is the stream database for Event Sourcing.
Event sourcing is persisting changes to state as an ordered sequence of events. Current state can be calculated from those events.
Event Store is a database to store your data as a series of immutable events over time, making it easy to build event-sourced applications.

Great Performance

Whilst performance depends on configuration and use patterns, we've benchmarked Event Store at around 15000 writes per second and 50000 reads per second!

High Availability

Event Store can run as a cluster of nodes containing the same data, which remains available for writes provided at least half the nodes are alive and connected

Open Source

Event Store is licensed under 3-clause BSD license, whether is runs on a single node or as a high availability cluster. Commercial offers are available in case official support is required.

Client Interfaces

Event Store is platform and language independent. It has a native HTTP interface and there are native drivers for .NET, Java and other languages.

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