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Headed up by Keith Robinson, the Mobile division of Huntress Group is now in its 3rd year and the business has grown to be a respected contractor and recruitment partner to many of the leading organisations investing in iOS technology.

Our team of consultants and researchers devote their time to working exclusively in the Mobile Technology sector and we pride ourselves on being genuine specialists in Mobile development.

Our plan and vision is to cement our position as the No.1 iOS recruitment partner. We are passionate about our business and this exciting market and we intend to help, give back and be an integral part of the iOS community; as such we wanted to be a part of the exciting iOSCon event.

If you are a valued member of our network we look forward to seeing you there; please also bring your colleagues and associates! If we haven’t spoken to you before we look forward to meeting and developing a new partnership with you.

Any enquiries prior to the event are welcomed: feel free to contact Keith Robinson directly:

Huntress Group is a leading International Technology, Finance, Lifesciences and Business Support recruitment organisation. Founded in 2000 from a headquarters in Central London, Huntress Group has grown to 14 offices and has more than 100 specialist consultants who focus on niche markets within their sectors.

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