BlueMountain Capital Management LLC


BlueMountain Capital Management LLC

BlueMountain Capital Management is an asset manager focused on the credit markets and equity derivatives markets.

BlueMountain was founded in 2003 by Andrew Feldstein and Stephen Siderow. Feldstein and Siderow are joined by a veteran senior management team with decades of experience. The senior partners have known each other for many years, working with each other at one or more of JPM, Goldman Sachs, and McKinsey.

BlueMountain’s distinctive investment approach integrates fundamental company research, advanced quantitative methods, and deep market and product knowledge. Its investment strategies range from highly fundamental to nearly pure arbitrage. BlueMountain seeks advantage at the seams and intersections of a market that continues to be characterized by a high degree of artificial boundaries amongst instrument types and investment mandates.

BlueMountain emphasizes collaboration, transparency and intellectual integrity. Senior partners are paid based on the performance of the firm, not on the performance of any individual strategy or capital allocation. This approach is intended to ensure that capital is not hoarded but moves to the most attractive opportunities, and that all members of the firm are focused on the best return opportunities as well as on all of the risks in the portfolio.

BlueMountain’s high degree of focus on risk management includes a wide battery of limitations on idiosyncratic risk and the application of over forty portfolio level stress tests. BlueMountain holds unencumbered cash in excess of the worst stress test. This risk discipline is designed to protect BlueMountain throughout the credit cycle.

BlueMountain is known for its leading infrastructure and technology and for its ongoing leadership role in industry groups and market initiatives.

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