Mind Candy


Mind Candy is a major player in the rapidly expanding tech scene. Our hero brand is Moshi Monsters, but the Moshi phenomenon is not confined to the wildly successful online game, we are busy disrupting the world of music, video, toys, film, cartoons, books and much more.

We’re currently launching two new projects: World of Warriors and PopJam, the creative community for kids. We need smart, creative minds to spark them into life!

We are constantly searching for outstanding tech talent, exceptional people who can handle some of the best technology available today, from Swift, Scala, Thrift and Cassandra to Objective-C, Java and Unity.

Potential Mind Candies need something extra. A quirky edge, a positive attitude and a driving passion to bring something unique to our party. It’s hard to define but you’ll know if you’ve got it. And so will we. Think you can measure up? Let’s talk!

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