Cake Solutions architects, implements and maintains modern and scalable software, which includes server-side, rich browser applications and mobile development. Alongside the software engineering and delivery, Cake Solutions provides mentoring and training services. Whatever scale of system you ask us to develop, we will deliver the entire solution, not just lines of code. We appreciate the importance of good testing, Continuous Integration and delivery, and DevOps. We motivate, mentor and guide entire teams through modern software engineering. This enables us to deliver not just software, but to transform the way organisations think about and execute software delivery. The core members of our team are published authors and experienced speakers. Our teams have extensive experience in designing and implementing event-driven, resilient, responsive and scalable systems. We use modern programming languages such as Scala, Java, C++, Objective-C, and JavaScript to implement the systems' components. We make the most of messaging infrastructures, modern DBMSs, and all other services that make up today's enterprise systems. Automated provisioning, testing, integration and delivery allow us to release high quality systems safely and predictably. The mentoring through continuous improvement at all levels of the project work gives our clients the insight and flexibility they expect. We rely on open source software in our day-to-day development; it gives us access to very high quality code, allows us to make improvements if we need to, and provides access to excellent source of inspiration and talent. We give back to the open source community by contributing to the open source projects we use, and by publishing our own open source projects. The team have contributed various Typesafe Activator templates, and shared their expertise with Akka and Scala in Akka Patterns and Akka Extras. Outside of the Typesafe stack, we have contributed to Tru-strap, and OpenCV. The team members have also created open source projects that scratch our own itch: we have Reactive Monitor, Specs2 Spring and Scalad.