The way our apps works is to bring continuity across devices. PPLCONNECT puts your phone on the web so you can continue your conversations cross-device.

The biggest benefit of this is being able to send/receive SMS & make calls with your number on a Mac, PC and Tablet. This all syncs with your Android phone. Users of the app SMS each other for free as a bonus.

We've found that developers, designers, writers and social media managers all sit in front of their computer all day and therefore have a benefit of becoming more productive via the use of PPLCONNECT. It saves them having to switch devices & be interrupted every time a notification comes in. Because the app can also send social media & messaging app notifications to desktop via HTLM5 notifications, the user can effectively leave their phone at home, in their bag or in their pocket & use it completely via the device they're working on - usually a laptop.

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