eSynergy are an Open Source & Cloud recruitment agency with a mission to help companies to build great technology teams. Through their relationships with the industry’s leading technology experts, communities and vendors, they’ve been helping companies to attract, retain and upskill their teams. By embedding themselves within the tech community, they have a finger on the pulse of the latest trends and ideas that matter most to their customers.

Skills Matter and eSynergy Solutions share a fundamental belief in the importance of community. Recognising aligned passions for the software engineering community, eSynergy has sponsored various conferences, meetups and user groups at Skills Matter over recent years. With the opening of CodeNode, eSynergy takes the role of Skills Matter's official recruitment partner, launching the Career Hub at CodeNode from August 2015.

“We recognise the importance of attracting, retaining and upskilling employees. Our collaboration with Skills Matter and onsite hub at CodeNode will enable us to offer our services to those looking for a new opportunity, wanting to hire top talent and provide our community with opportunities to upskill.” eSynergy’s director & co-founder Patrick Crompton.