Skimlinks creates native monetization solutions for publishers, rewarding them for any e-commerce they drive by automatically turning product links and references into trackable affiliate links.

Integrated with more than 20,000 merchants, Skimlinks processes 300 million clicks a month on over 1.5 million sites around the web, helping publishers like Time Inc, Hearst and The Huffington Post earn revenue and gain insights from their commerce-related content.

We have used Clojure in our technologically diverse platform for approximately two years. Its expressive nature, performance, and JVM foundation makes it suitable for numerous applications, including one of our APIs which is currently responsible for over 4,000 requests per second. It also forms the backbone of our real-time monitoring systems, and is even leveraged in our hadoop infrastructure

Skimlinks is one of the fastest growing start ups in the UK, with a team of 85 spread between our offices in London, San Francisco, and New York. Industry leaders in the content monetisation space with a drive to be as disruptive and innovative as we can be, we're looking for some bright minds to join our ever-growing development team. Check out the careers section of our website for more information.

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