Welcome to our world – where customers come first. Where we live by our promise, “we take the hassle, you take the holiday”, expressing Holiday Extras’ total commitment to understanding customers’ needs and making travel easier. “Hassle-free” travel is no empty promise. It requires a massive investment of time and brainpower in developing superior products, refining apps and services and, crucially, ensuring that we have more than our fair share of the smartest brains around. From day 1 in 1983, hassle-free travel has proved to be a bold business strategy. Blending our radical online approach with a can-do attitude has propelled us to market leadership. Last year, we looked after more than four million customers, with 99.8% declaring themselves satisfied with our service. And every year the business grows and helps more people have a hassle-free holiday – right now, we’re considering dynamic plans to expand across Europe from our current hubs in the UK and Germany.