47 Degrees is a global consulting and training firm who fundamentally believes that all enterprises can deliver landmark performance and innovate on new business models with data and software. Using battle-tested functional programming and cutting-edge technologies, we unlock these opportunities by modernizing and transforming our clients’ data supply chains to be more real-time, responsive, secure, and automated.

In addition to helping upskill teams for our clients, we launched the 47 Degrees Academy. The Academy is an immersive experience with in-depth instructor-led courses with hands-on exercises, webinars, talks, and special events. Our events focus on languages like Haskell, Kotlin, Scala, and Swift, among others, and will take you on a visual journey through concepts, patterns, and applications led by seasoned trainers who are also Functional Programming veterans.

We believe that community is the core of what makes us thrive. Our commitment to helping improve functional programming includes investing heavily in creating and contributing to open-source libraries, and hosting large-scale conferences, Meetups, and other events.



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