Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a global financial services firm offering a complete range of sophisticated financial services. Our multi- billion dollar investment in technology enables the development and delivery of quantitative trading systems, cutting-edge modelling and simulation software, comprehensive risk and security systems and robust client-relationship capabilities — as well as the global infrastructure that forms the backbone of these systems and tools. Technology works as a strategic partner with Morgan Stanley business units and the world’s leading technology companies to redefine how we do business in ever more global, complex and dynamic financial markets. Developing the state-of-the- art technology behind the industry’s first auction-based initial public offering (IPO), customising client technology solutions for hedge funds and money managers, and leading the way on the use of virtualisation technologies, are just some of the achievements that have put Morgan Stanley at the forefront of technology innovation.

Technology – a Key Driver of our Business

At Morgan Stanley some of the world’s top technologists drive our business forward. They sit side-by-side with our traders, bankers and investment management professionals, to explore how advanced technology can help us set new standards for excellence in the financial world. Join a company where you have a chance to create change as a technologist!

  • Morgan Stanley has one of the world’s largest Scala codebases in production and is a certified Typesafe Partner

  • Our global network of over 7,000 technologists work in 24 countries around the world developing more than 80% of the Firm’s business applications in house.

  • Every year our Global Tech Expo brings together more than 3,000 employees to experience innovative products and enhancements the Firm is unveiling around the globe

  • Creator of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

Applications Development Teams

Our development teams design, develop and maintain applications used by our business units. Daily activities include meeting with clients to gather and analyse requirements; making system design decisions; evaluating, integrating and developing necessary software; and testing and deploying applications to production. Determining architectural dependencies of applications, developing software to enable trading of stocks, gui/web app development, building extensions to a desktop tool to support complex trading activity—these are just some of the many technological opportunities available for developers at Morgan Stanley.

Infrastructure Teams

Our infrastructure teams develop systems to run our business. From the firm’s networks to its computing hardware, operating systems and databases, our engineers provide tools, applications and platforms for the firm’s trading, communication and other end-user applications. In a global environment, these teams provide applications that span the breadth of the firm in an efficient manner. Engineering the firm’s websites, developing and managing exchange connectivity, managing the Windows plant, and developing a client reporting delivery system are some of the projects available for infrastructure engineers working at Morgan Stanley.

Our Tech Stack

We use many different technologies while blending them together into a coherent technology stack portfolio. We develop systems on Scala, Java, C++, python, JavaScript, .net amongst other technologies. We develop a lot of server systems using Scala and Java and there is a huge variety of systems and approaches. We have our own internal platforms and hosting solutions as we need to provide a strong reliable and secure platform, however, we blend in multiple standard technologies to make the best of our developer and hardware investments. We develop our low-latency systems in both C++ and Java using our own internally developed cutting edge performance latency profiling tools combined with the standard tools like Oracle Solaris Studio and vTune. We make use of the productivity provided by the java tooling but combine that with high performance and low-latency through understanding of how the JVM operates.

We develop visual line-of-business applications with Microsoft WPF and HTML5, including a proprietary containers that allows seamless interop between the two, as well as deployment to mobile devices. We’ve invested heavily in JavaScript as a platform, with tier-1 support for AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, ExtJS, and proprietary, extensible tools based on grunt and phantomJS for next generation application packaging and tooling.