Virtual Genius LLC


We love teaching agile teams how to do collaborative design!

Collaborative design is about team members working together to produce the best product in the shortest time possible.

Virtual Genius LLC specializes in equipping agile teams to build the right product, and build the product right. Teams learn how to integrate visual User Experience Design (UXD) and Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) techniques to cultivate and validate shared understanding of customer needs.

Through applying Domain-Driven Design (DDD), teams are able to tackle customer needs in complex and changing business domains, deal effectively with the challenges of legacy systems, and navigate large-scale multi-team development efforts.

We provide private and public classes in DDD and BDD for agile teams. Focused follow-up coaching furnishes teams with the skills necessary to apply the collaborative design techniques to their project work.

Collaborative design enables innovation, creativity, and accelerates the delivery of software solutions that truly meet human needs in creative ways.

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