Kuzzle is a ready-to-use backend solution you can host on your own infrastructure. It supports real-time data I/O and NoSQL storage with fine-grained filtering, advanced and geo-spatial searches and provides a built-in user-management system. It supports multiple communication protocols (from HTTP to WebSockets to MQTT) and it is built on top-notch technologies like Node.js, Elasticsearch, Redis and Docker.

Kuzzle is one (yes, only one) Docker command away from your server and is easily extensible thanks to a rich plugin system. Just run it and start powering your apps with JS, iOS and Android SDK (more SDK are to be soon released). Focus only on what really matters: Business Logic and User Experience.
At Kuzzle.io, we take code quality seriously. We extensively test our product with 1000+ unit and integration tests that ensure more than 90% coverage.
And, in case something doesn’t fit your needs, Kuzzle is entirely open-source and open to contributions.

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