Gumtree is the UK’s #1 classifieds website. It’s a place that connects people - buying or selling something they own, searching for a new job, a flat or a new ride. Gumtree is a community that brings these opportunities to 1 in 3 adults every month. Current figures show that 37% of the UK digital population visited Gumtree in August 2016 and that the Gumtree smartphone app, launched in 2012, has been downloaded over 13.9 million times.

Our technology is built in-house and based in London. We’re a passionate team and believe in delivering a great user experience for our customers, striving to improve our product and systems is what we do. Lots of things are happening here (tech workshops, hackathons or pulling trucks - just to name a few), you can check us out on Twitter @GumtreeDevTeam Also, Gumtree is hiring. We are looking for passionate engineers for all roles, so come speak to us!

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