GemStone Systems is an enterprise software company that has pioneered the adoption of several enterprise infrastructure technologies through its rich history. GemStone’s products continue to be used by over 200 large enterprise customers in mission-critical environments in critical enterprise-wide deployments in industries such as financial services, the Federal Government, transportation, telecommunications and energy.

GemStone Systems has built deep expertise in enterprise-level technologies such as distributed resource management, in-memory caching and disk persistence, scalable data distribution, high performance computing operations, object management and other areas that are at the core of building a highly reliable, mission-critical data infrastructure. GemStone brings together a unique set of skills and talented people who have pioneered these technologies through its history and those that have successfully driven the creation of markets and products in other successful enterprise software companies. GemStone has also build enterprise-class support models that allow global enterprises to rely upon GemStone as a solid business partner today, with experience dating several years.

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