Apress Media LLC is a technical publisher devoted to meeting the needs of IT professionals, software developers, and programmers, with more than 1,000 books in print and electronic formats. Apress provides high-quality, no-fluff content that helps serious technology professionals build a comprehensive pathway to career success.

The Apress editorial and production teams work hand-in-hand with all authors to ensure that their unique voices come through in each book. Apress is committed to supporting the ever-growing programming community by taking risks on publishing books in niche and nascent technologies.

Based in New York City, Apress strives to promote innovation in publishing, boasting a global network of authors, editors, technical reviewers, and sales and marketing teams who work together to provide our readers books and electronic products of the highest quality. Since 2007, Apress has been part of Springer Science+Business Media, one of the world's leading scientific, technical, and medical publishing houses, making it possible for a global distribution of Apress products.

For more information about Apress' innovative approach to publishing, please e-mail pr@apress.com.

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