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The H

The H is the new name for heise online UK. The H is about security and open source and our new address on the net is

The H is for heise online, our parent company in Germany. heise online have a reputation for great IT coverage, especially in security, and The H is about bringing that coverage to the world, in English, along with The H's own UK news and features.

The H is here to help you focus; we've decided to focus on two big issues of today.

The H is for hardening your security. Security is more important than ever, with the threats constantly changing, with technologies thought previously to be secure, being cracked, and with new kinds of vulnerabilities appearing. Keeping your assets safe is a priority in the current economic climate, and The H will bring you the news and the background, to help you keep them that way.

The H is for helping, and with budgets becoming ever tighter, open source and free software are not only reducing costs, but creating ways of doing business. By its very nature of distributed open development, it is hard to keep a track on the trends in open source. Again, The H will bring you the news, background features, how-to's and opinion, to keep you ahead of the trends. The H will also be going out and covering the UK community as it gets together to talk open source, open development or open data, and will be reporting on how the UK community comes together.

The H is for anyone with an interest in open source or security, The H aims to have articles that everyone will find useful.

The H is for hard; The H won't shy away from covering hard or complex topics, but The H does aim to make those hard topics understandable.

The H is for hacking; from Linux kernel hacking to hacking a web mashup, hacking is one of creative forces behind computing and the web.

Most of all, The H is for you, to read, to comment and to interact with. Welcome to The H.

Find out more by visiting The H here.

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