Launched in 2016, Habito is transforming the mortgage industry through innovation and cutting-edge technology. We are the UK's free online mortgage broker and we have developed a simple, honest and transparent way to help people get the best mortgage possible. We are building a brand synonymous with great customer service, ease and transparency. No jargon, no fees and no misinformation.

We have an impressive list of backers including Atomico, Ribbit Capital and Mosaic Ventures, with angel investors including Transferwise Chairman Taavet Hinrikus, Funding Circle founder Samir Desai, and influential tech investor Yuri Milner.

Our team is super-smart, ambitious, collaborative and friendly. We work hard, play hard and learn fast. This is a great opportunity to help steer, shape and mould our business.

Our core development values are strong; static typing, correctness, rigorous automation and elimination of boilerplate. We've built a stack of Haskell, PureScript and event-sourced PostgreSQL, leaning on both core tools like GHC, its extensions and powerful libraries like lenses, generics and conduits to enable us to solve the interesting problems quickly whilst abstracting away the boring ones.

Are you excited? Come and make your home at Habito!

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