Taskforce has been providing software and consultancy services to the offshore financial services industry for a total of 18 years. Our clients range from the large multinational bank to small independent trust companies, accountancy practices and specialist service providers.

Our founder and senior software architect, Tim Benest, has been writing commercial software since 1980. We are able to provide solutions to those hard to solve problems, providing an impressive return on the investment from our extensive skills base.

We are great supporters of Open Source Software, having used FirebirdSQL since it’s inception as an open source project, and the Linux operating system from 1998 onwards. Of late we have been using the Ruby Language as our primary development environment, which allows us to use Mac OSX as our chosen development platform, while deploying to other operating systems as clients see fit.

We have always liked to break the mould, with our projects, choosing what we believe to be the best tool for the job, rather than the tool everyone else is using. This has proved beneficial to both our clients and ourselves and shown in the robustness and stability of the software solutions that we deliver.

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