Tweag is a software innovation lab that helps deep tech startups quickly scale their engineering performance and execute on high-risk, high-reward projects with confidence. Tweag’s team of engineers are behind today’s boldest innovations in machine learning, distributed computing and biotech. Applying mathematics, computer science and the methods of open source to software engineering, Tweag stretches what’s possible for clients.

Founded by compiler writers, mathematicians and distributed systems experts from academia, Tweag is an Everything as Code company. We are the largest contributor to Haskell, the language to create the software of correctness-critical industries like computer-assisted medical advice and blockchain infrastructure tracking the ledgers of billions of humans. Our engineers invented Nix, a language to uniformly describe systems, configurations and cloud resources. We are Google’s partner to accelerate building and deploying their clients’ software using Bazel.

Our engagement model: we partner with startups and the enterprise, embedding our engineers into their teams. Recent projects include in silico simulations of human physiology, novel static analysis tools for the autopilot software that powers flying autonomous taxis, designing smart contract languages, improving the performance of third generation blockchains, or building a pricer for exotic options in investment banking.

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