As a highly successful sports betting consultancy, Starlizard has devoted millions of hours to take our understanding of football into a completely different league. We use our understanding of the game and market know-how to provide our clients with a small edge over the market to generate long term winning returns.

Starlizard Integrity Services provides sports integrity stakeholders (governing bodies, national associations, leagues and others) with specialist analytical assessments of both betting markets and on-pitch activity, in order to detect and advise on anomalies and integrity concerns.

Starlizard is very proud to invest a lot of time and emotional energy in its staff. There is a canteen serving high quality, healthy food every day of the year. There is an onsite gym and a mezzanine area with pool tables, dart boards and games. We regularly have company-wide, departmental and charity events that bring an extra social dimension to our working lives.

Our technology teams are product focused and highly agile. We take pride in our engineering focused culture and high trust environment giving our cross-functional teams freedom to experiment, innovate and solve problems in the most optimal way. We have a large team of exceptional engineers responsible not only for development but for the environments and testing. We firmly believe in upholding and continuously improving an engineering culture where the path to delivering value is frictionless and as enjoyable for developers as possible.

The work and technologies are exciting but most importantly the people working at Starlizard are highly knowledgeable, friendly and supportive. The combination of people, technology and challenging problems makes a potent combination and a great place to work. We are currently hiring for a number of F# Developer and Engineer roles so please head over to our careers page at

What do our engineers do?

  • build high performance event driven back-ends with C# and F# on .NET Core
  • build well designed and intuitive UIs with a React, TypeScript stack used by 100's of users
  • build solutions for the cloud with Azure or AWS
  • build telemetry in applications and build business and system dashboards with Elastic, Kibana
  • work with the business in highly integrate cross-functional delivery teams
  • work in a constantly evolving technical landscape, introducing appropriate new technologies and advance cloud adoption
  • avoid or remove bureaucracy and barriers to delivery
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