Rebuilding data in advertising to protect privacy

As people, we value our privacy and want to be able to control what, where and with whom we share personal information. Permutive’s mission is to rebuild data in advertising to protect this privacy. Permutive is an infrastructure that fosters collaboration across the advertising ecosystem by directly connecting media owners and advertisers, without any third-party access to personal data.

Permutive’s Audience Platform empowers publishers and advertisers to responsibly activate audiences to restore consumer trust. This means supply chain transparency, protecting the relationships publishers and advertisers have with their consumers, respecting consumer consent, and not leaking personal information - with all data staying within the platform.

Permutive pioneered on-device computation, which minimizes the data that leaves a user’s device, by processing and anonymizing it on the device itself. Big tech platforms are now putting on-device learning at the heart of their privacy rebuild. In 2021 Permutive were granted a patent that protects the real-time, on-device processing technology that powers Permutive - the first Audience Platform to be granted such a patent. It's filing in 2017 speaks to Permutive being a pioneer of edge or on-device technology in the advertising ecosystem.

Permutive’s tech is now running on over 1 billion devices a month globally, introducing a new model for responsible, privacy-safe advertising, helping publishers and advertisers collaborate.

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