Lightning Talk Session: Value Constraint at Compile-Time

6th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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During this talk, you will explore a small project which Fahd has been working on, that allows compile-time constraint on F# base types.

The idea for this project originated from writing a DSL for CSS in F#; Fahd wanted to have constraint on certain properties but at compile-time. This endeavour was inspired by a project, which had, to Fahd, a limitation related to having constraint at run-time. The project is quite new and can be found in this repository.


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Lightning Talk Session: Value Constraint at Compile-Time

Fahd Abdeljallal

Fahd is a Master student at Imperial College London, who has done his Master thesis on session types and their application over F#. New to the F# community and the language, he loves to speak and learn about it every day. Other than that, he loves spending his spare time learning about different theories and technologies, especially type theory and functional programming.