InfinteConf Bytes with Samantha Ahern!

8th May 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Learning Analytics - what is it and why is it so difficult? With Samantha Ahern!

Learning analytics is a growing field both as an area of academic research and as a mean for learning institutions to improve teaching and learning. Come and join Samantha where you will explore an overview of the field of learning analytics, the current state of play and the conundrums faced by educational data scientists.

This development is reflected in the growth of attendees at the annual international Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference which has grown to 400+ attendees in 2017 from a little over 100 in 2011. In recent years learning analytics has garnered additional interest from the UK higher education sector with the introduction of the Teaching Excellent Framework. But what exactly is learning analytics and what has got everyone so excited? What has been implemented by institutions, what could be next? How are these impacted upon by ethics, privacy concerns and legislation?

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InfinteConf Bytes with Samantha Ahern!

Samantha Ahern

Samantha is an experienced educator, technologist and creator. She has held roles in IT education both as a secondary school educator and professional IT trainer, and was a Senior Information Security Officer (Awareness). She is well qualified with a PGDip in ICT in Education and MSc in Intelligent Systems, plus is an Associate of ISC^2 (CISSP). She is currently working on an Exploratory Learning Analytics project for University College London.