Navigating Collaboration: finding the right conversation

27th April 2017 in London at CodeNode

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We know we will need to work in collaboration if we want to solve complex problems. But experience tells us that getting things done in groups is not always straightforwards, and sometimes is a total nightmare. Whatever way you cut it: collaborating with groups of humans always raises challenges.

At DDDx Richard Watkins, Founder of Let’s Go, will be sharing a simple tool to help you navigate the collaborative groups you re involved in. Built from years of practise and refinement in the work place, Richard suggests that there are five dynamics going on in groups. He suggests that paying attention to these five dynamics will build your group awareness and get you to the conversation you need to have. Because, as Werner Erhard once said, "A problem only exists in the absence of the right conversation."

Join Richard’s session if you want pragmatic and grounded help on making your working groups work better. Richard will also be launching the Kickstarter campaign for his "Collaboration Cards" at DDDx. They help teams zero on the specific conversation they need to have - and we are delighted to be giving every DDDx delegate a pack to take away.


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Navigating Collaboration: finding the right conversation

Richard Watkins

Richard Watkins is a lifelong collaborator with 8 years in R&D and 10 years of creative consulting across the globe, working in over 20 countries. Outside of work, he has built enduring collaborative projects with award winning artists (like #globalmixup) and in the community. Richard Founded Let's Go in 2013 to offer practical support to organisations who want to see more impact from collaboration, and they work with clients including Cancer Research UK, Sanofi, and Tetrapak.