Keynote: Events, Data Points, Jobs, and Commands – The Rise of Messaging

13th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

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“Big Data” analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and architecture trends like Microservices and Event Sourcing have brought messaging middleware into the industry’s focus in recent years, with many new and very different products/projects and services becoming available for use in your applications and with standardized and specialized protocols providing interoperability. Building a business solutions without messaging middleware being part of the solution’s platform services portfolio is, by now, a red flag. In Microsoft Azure alone, you have a choice between Event Grid, Event Hubs, Service Bus, IoT Hub, Notification Hubs, and Azure Queues. Inside containers and on-premises you may run Apache ActiveMQ or Apache Kafka. In this keynote, Clemens Vasters from the Azure Messaging Team will share key scenarios motivating this great variety of services, and gives you a conceptual framework for how to choose what for which use case.


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Keynote: Events, Data Points, Jobs, and Commands – The Rise of Messaging

Clemens Vasters

Clemens is an Architect working on Microsoft's Azure Compute and Messaging team, working on Service Bus, and Event Hubs for most of the last 10 years. He has also had a hand in creating services like Azure Notification Hubs, and the Azure IoT Hub, and several aspects of the foundational "behind the scenes" pieces of Azure. He is engaged in Microsoft's messaging standardization efforts for AMQP (and MQTT) and in industrial communication standards like OPC UA, where he also sits on the technical advisory council.