Herding Unicorns: How to manage a data team

21st June 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Herding Unicorns: How to manage a data team

Everyone is talking about Data Scientists as the future, but can they do it alone? Find out in this month's London Business Analytics Group meetup!

This presentation by Siorna Ashby, Senior Product Manager for Big Data at the British Museum, will discuss the techniques, skills and projects that built an analytics team from the beginning while fostering a new data driven business culture. Sharing a framework used to manage the analytics process and the importance of having a roadmap … that you know will constantly change. It will include how the team moved from ‘JFDI’, to Lean, to Agile to whatever works. It will also touch on some of the cultural challenges the team faced and the approaches taken to solve them.


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Herding Unicorns: How to manage a data team

Siorna Ashby

Siorna Ashby leads the Big Data team at the British Museum. She has experience in developing a data science and analytics team from the ground up and fostering a data driven culture. The work has included predictive models, machine learning, web analytics, digital marketing, data privacy, hypothesis testing and building a data pipeline. Her core strengths lie in framing the business question for analysis, data governance, project management and information design to visualise recommendations back to decision makers.She loves data, fun facts, photography and sometimes video games. Not necessarily in that order.