Build Your Own DevOps Infrastructure - Intermediate

12th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Join Alex and learn how to create a very simple DevOps infrastructure from scratch using nothing but Node.js (and a few modules). First you will create a logging library, then an error collection tool, a website monitor, an orchestration engine and finally a dashboard that puts all of this together. Each piece builds upon the previous one and is fully functional, although not necessarily polished. In fact more sophisticated versions of the tools are used every day at my company, mediasmart.

The talk is eminently practical and it will encourage you to build more stuff, which is the main aim. The second aim is to make you think about DevOps as a first class citizen inside their organization, and not just a random collection of tools that more or less work together.


Build Your Own DevOps Infrastructure - Intermediate

Alex Fernández

Alex Fernandez is a Spanish software engineer with almost 20 years of experience. Currently working as a senior developer at MediaSmart and freelance scalability consultant. Shameless tinkerer since forever, he was seduced by Node.js a few years ago, and now eats thousands of requests per second for breakfast.