Lightning Talk: Full Stack Reactivity with Milojs - Intermediate

12th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Milojs is the home grown, reactive framework used to create the CMS of the Mail Online—the world's most popular English-language online newspaper—used to publish between one and two thousand articles a day. Milojs provides simple language constructs to create a complex, explicit data graphs, connecting models, views, and even css.

As the framework matured and became isomorphic, we realised just how powerful it’s reactive data connections could be. What if we connected milo models in the server with those on the client using websockets? Could we create a full stack reactive data graph? Data flowing from the view, to the client model, across to the server, into the database and back out to other clients. All with very little server code and the same, concise connector syntax that milo has.

Throughout the presentation we will take a slack style chat clone and use Milo to create a full stack reactive data graph.


Lightning Talk: Full Stack Reactivity with Milojs - Intermediate

Jason Green

Jason's passion for the digital world has taken him across the entire spectrum of the creative process, from conceptualisation to implementation. Jason is now a Team Lead at the MailOnline and is primarily responsible for the bespoke CMS that drives the content of the world's most visited english speaking, online newspaper. Apart from being engaged in all stages of the development of the mission critical application, Jason is also the co-author of Milojs, the home-grown, reactive javascript framework on which it is built.