Keynote: Fast Big Data - Enabling Financial Oversight

6th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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For the last decade, there has been increased concern about the integrity of capital markets. The crash of 2009, the coverage of flash trading, and weekly announcements of cyber attacks have justifiably shaken the public's confidence. However, fast big data also enables the good guys! In this talk you will learn how fast big data is being used to ensure good governance and protect consumers. Dave will briefly explain how recent hardware and software improvements have enabled a new wold of real-time analytics. Dave will also share and discuss the next generation of RegTech, which will enable better decisions enabled by algorithms; improved testing practices; oversight of markets through surveillance of traders; proactive protection against cyber threats; and the use of data forensics to tell the true story of transactions past.


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Keynote: Fast Big Data - Enabling Financial Oversight