JavaScript Services: Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET Core

13th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Building modern web applications with JavaScript (also known as single-page apps) is becoming an increasingly complex task with a seemingly infinite number of frameworks and build tools. It can be difficult to get an initial project set up and the uniform integration of client and server side code can be challenging. At times, it can seem like a trial and error process. JavaScript Services is a set of technologies that aims to solve these problems for ASP.NET Core developers.

In this session, you will explore a single page application with Angular to demonstrate the core features of JavaScript Services using ASP.NET Core.

Highlights that you will learn include:​

  • Performance and SEO benefits of utilising server-side rendering with your Angular application

  • Using webpack dev middleware to streamline the build process and enhance the development experience with features such as hot module replacement.

  • The principles presented will be relevant to other JavaScript frameworks and will provide you with insight into potential use cases for running JavaScript on the server.


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JavaScript Services: Building Single Page Applications with ASP.NET Core

Sandeep Singh

Sandeep is the co-founder and Technical Director of Initial Spark Consulting based in Leeds, England. As a seasoned Software Consultant, he is adept at helping organisations realise genuine business benefits rapidly through the design and development of high performing solutions. Through his experience, Sandeep has developed a strong knowledge across a broad range of technology stacks in a range of industries including finance and healthcare which enables him to apply a holistic approach to solution design and problem solving. Sandeep is an active member of the local development community via meetups and attending conferences, he also enjoys contributing to open source projects.