I RLY LOVE Form Controls! - Intermediate

12th July 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Forms are the lifeblood of the Web – the simplest, most common method… Hang on, you've heard this somewhere before.

Anyway, they still suck, but those simple widgets for interacting with a form can be surprisingly powerful.

In this talk, you will learn how cunning use of form controls, particularly radio buttons, together with some sneaky CSS can recreate common widgets without a single line of Javascript!

The talk is intended to encourage lateral thinking in the way you can manipulate the technologies you can often take for granted, and create lightweight interface widgets without relying on DOM manipulating frameworks or third-party plugins.

During this talk, you will also explore a brief meditation on how form controls can even be combined to create logic gates, leading to the frankly perverted idea that we could build an entire computer emulated in HTML and CSS, and how, as amazing as that concept would be, anyone who ever did it should probably be locked up for the good of humanity.


I RLY LOVE Form Controls! - Intermediate

Dave Benson

With a career that harks back to the days of Photoshop 3 and IE 5, and has encompassed everything from graphic design to sysadmin, David is today a committed contract developer, focusing on UI/UX, vanilla and frameworked JS with an abiding passion for clever, responsive CSS. David is the winner of the 2014 Market Research Society Award for innovation with long-term client YouthSight for his work on responsive mobile surveys. Current personal projects include C-VPO, the Automated Resumé Submission Engine, and PlasticMonkey, a Lego® Minfigure collector’s catalogue site.