Microservices Lifecycle Explained Through Docker And Continuous Deployment

28th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

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This talk focuses on architectural changes and new tools we should adopt to be able to tackle the problems presented by a demand for modern, responsive, fault tolerant and elastic systems. It is based on the material published in The DevOps 2.1 Toolkit: Building, testing, deploying, and monitoring services inside Docker Swarm clusters.

Viktor will share with you the whole microservices development lifecycle. He'll start from the very beginning and define and design architecture. From there on you'll move from requirements, technological choices and development environment setup, through coding and testing all the way until the final deployment to production. Viktor won’t stop there. Once your new services are up and running you’ll learn how to maintain them, scale them depending on resource utilization and response time, and recover them in case of failures. You’ll try to balance the need for creative manual work and the need to automate as much of the process as possible.

The goal is to design a fully automated continuous deployment (CDP) pipeline. You will learn how microservices fit into CDP and immutable containers concepts and why the best results are obtained when those three are combined into one unique framework.


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Microservices Lifecycle Explained Through Docker And Continuous Deployment