Data Persistence In Android: There’s Room For Improvement

26th October 2017 in London at Business Design Centre

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At Google I/O, the Android Framework team launched Room: a persistence component designed to make your life easier when working with SQLite databases on Android. Entities and data access objects are defined using annotations, your queries are now checked at compile time and the database migrations are easy to implement. In this talk you’ll find out whether you should or not integrate Room in your project. You’ll learn how Room works, how it handles multi-threading, how to write queries and work with different return types, how to migrate your database, and finally, how to test your code.


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Data Persistence In Android: There’s Room For Improvement

Florina Muntenescu

Florina is working as an Android Developer Advocate at Google, helping developers architect clean, testable apps using the Architecture Components libraries. She has been working with Android for 8 years, previous work covering news at upday, payment solutions at payleven and navigation services at Garmin.