Modularizing Android Applications

26th October 2017 in London at Business Design Centre

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Most Android applications consist of one big, monolithic application project. As your application grows this single project can become harder and harder to manage, responsibilities become unclear and build times grow. Marvin will share how you can split up such an Android application into multiple, smaller modules. We will discuss how doing so might change the way you work in your applications codebase and how it can help in setting up clearer interfaces and responsibilities across teams. As modularizing an application changes the way you interact with the build system we will talk about how your build setup and times might change and how different build systems (such as Gradle, Buck and Bazel) interact with multiple modules.


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Modularizing Android Applications

Marvin Ramin

Marvin is a Software Engineer working on the Android application at SoundCloud. He wants to make codebases easier to work with, safer and faster to iterate on. Likes staying on the bleeding edge of things by trying new ideas, APIs and libraries in sample projects scattered all over his hard drives and repositories.