HTTP: History and Performance

8th August 2017 in London at CodeNode

There are 1 other SkillsCast available from LDNUG August 2017: Ana Balica & Steve Gordon

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is one of the most popular protocols nowadays. It’s the language most servers, clients, and even teapots can speak. Learn how and why it became such an ubiquitous part of the web by following the evolution of HTTP.

In regards to web performance, have you ever wondered why are we using minimization, concatenation, image spriting, resource inlining and other little hacks? Befriend the browser and help it to help you deliver the best user experience possible. Find out how TLS and HTTPS affect performance and what to look forward in HTTP/2.

This talk will contain references to archaic RFCs, lots of diagrams and long lists of best practices.


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HTTP: History and Performance

Ana Balica

Ana is a back-end developer. She enjoys designing clean APIs, pocking into legacy code and taking detours into strange worlds like the one of Elixir.