GraphQL in Ruby

14th August 2017 in London at CodeNode

There are 3 other SkillsCasts available from LRUG August meetup!

Are you interested in finding out how Nested has moved from traditional RESTful APIs to a Ruby GraphQL backend? We have Nested's CTO Phil Cowans, and developer at Nested Darren Oakley telling us more!


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GraphQL in Ruby

Darren Oakley

Darren is a Ruby developer at Nested, and was previously at the BBC and Nature Publishing Group. As well as programming, Darren runs Rockhopper Brewing Co. in his spare time (somehow).

Phil Cowans

Phil is CTO at Nested, and was previously at Nature Publishing Group and Songkick. He's been programming Ruby since 2007, and has been messing with computers for a long time before that.