The History of .NET

12th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

There are 1 other SkillsCast available from LDNUG September 2017 - #ProgNET Special with Richard Campbell

The .NET Framework is more than fifteen years old! Or is it? Join Richard Campbell on a tour of the history of .NET, Visual Studio and the related tools that have been the principal way that developers build software in the Microsoft space!

The conversation explores the relationship between development tools, operating systems and the hardware that runs it all - the winding path of .NET is influenced by many things - and the future is only getting more interesting!


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The History of .NET

Richard Campbell

Richard Campbell started playing with microcomputers in 1977 at the age of 10. He's really never done anything else since. In that time he's been involved in every level of the PC industry, from manufacturing, to sales, to development, and into large scale infrastructure implementation. He has been a witness and participant to the Bill Gates vision of "A PC on every desktop."