Scrum Event & Tobias Mayer (CST) present - #TrueScrumMaster

13th November 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Scrum Event & Tobias Mayer (CST) present - #TrueScrumMaster

Do you want to get down to the essential of what it means to be a Scrum Master and transform your workplace? Join this months Scrum Event with Tobias Mayer to find out more!

The ScrumMaster role was created to confront traditional management structures and processes. Described as a servant leader, the ScrumMaster was to socialise the framework of Scrum, inspire collaboration, creativity and engagement, and infuse the organisation with the values of courage, focus, commitment, respect and openness.

Such a role, so different to any traditional management role was a challenge—to the individual, certainly, but more so to the organisation itself. Over time, traditional corporate culture has undermined, crippled and even enslaved the role of ScrumMaster, force fitting it into the old management paradigm. ScrumMasters are now thought of as junior project managers, delivery managers, or even just process taskmasters, responsible for little more than setting up meetings, collecting meaningless metrics and filing status reports.

This talk offers a way out of the corporate quagmire for those who genuinely care about transforming the workplace. Directing the focus back on the spirit of Scrum, and the essence of the role itself, attendees will learn what is needed to rescue Scrum from its enterprise captors, and restore it to its place as an anarchic, free-thinking, confrontational approach to work. At first a lament, but then a song of hope #TrueScrumMaster will remind us all of what really matters.

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Scrum Event & Tobias Mayer (CST) present - #TrueScrumMaster

Tobias Mayer

Tobias Mayer is a long-term citizen of the Agile space, a writer, mentor, teacher and speaker. He is the author of The People's Scrum, and the creator/curator of AgileLib.Net. Tobias has varied and ragged past, including many years as a software developer and tester. He continually seeks to live an integrated life.