Keynote: Security, Whatever happened to Unikernels?

28th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

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Anil has been working on unikernels and related technologies for a few years now, and wanted to deliver a broader update on how adoption has been going in the last couple of years. Unikernels have been successfully integrated into the fabric of some popular systems -- most notably Docker for Desktop -- and are also usable out of the box in the new LinuxKit distribution. Anil will share with you their efforts to make server-side unikernels really easy to use out of the box in LinuxKit, including the new Solo5/UKVM hypervisor that lets them be managed just like normal containers. Anil will also discuss their emergence in the ARM space as the most viable way to deploy a trusted fabric of computing for the next trillion embedded devices.


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Keynote: Security, Whatever happened to Unikernels?

Anil Madhavapeddy

Anil is a Horizon Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He has worked in a variety of senior architecture, engineering, product management, sales and "whatever it takes" roles in industry