Practical R – 4 Scripts in 40 minutes

26th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Practical R – 4 Scripts in 40 minutes

Are you interested in learning how different scripts can help automate your life and increase productivity? Mark Dodd is joining this month's LBAG to show you how!

This beginner talk will walk through four example scripts doing useful tasks that can automate ones’ work life and increase productivity. Scripts will include automated screen scraping data from web pages, building a database of data collected via API and automated monitoring of a stock portfolio. The scripts will be available for download after the session.


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Practical R – 4 Scripts in 40 minutes

Mark Dodd

Mark Dodd is Head of Business at Consolidata a IT professional with a number of hats – strategist, project manager, business analyst, programmer, data analyst. His time is spread across the many facets of running Consolidata, but still finds time to keep his hand in “at the cutting edge”, believing ultimately that data analytics can save the world!