OpenGL, a noob's guide for Android developers

26th October 2017 in London at Business Design Centre

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OpenGL is often regarded as too complex, obscure or even too low level to be considered when developing an application. Most people will even try to go around it and develop what they want using Views and Canvas to avoid developing with it. Nevertheless, it's not always possible nor the best solution.

As someone who have been going through all the learning of OpenGL recently, Benjamin has encountered a lot of frustration but also a lot of “aha!“ moment. In this talk, Benjamin will try to demystified OpenGL and share the basics of what it is and how to use it in Android to make applications perform better. Also, you will learn all the pitfalls and key concepts that you should know when starting with OpenGL.

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OpenGL, a noob's guide for Android developers

Benjamin Monjoie

Developer since 2004, Benjamin has grown fond of Android since he started tinkering with it in 2011. He was previously employed at Emakina as lead Android developer. Since July 2016, he started his carrer as a freelancer. Through his work, he does his best to share his passion for the platform and ensure Android applications are not copy/pasted from their iOS counter-part. He stays closely up-to-date with Google's guidelines and innovations to advise and take decisions that would fit best in an Android application.