FaaS and Furious - 0 to Serverless in 60 seconds, anywhere

5th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

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OpenFaaS or Functions as a Service is a Cloud Native framework for building serverless functions (as popularised by AWS Lambda) with containers. Check out this talk by Alex Ellis to learn more!

The OpenFaaS framework lets you package any process as a serverless function for either Linux or Windows - just bring your own Kubernetes or Docker cluster. Avoid vendor lock-in by running it in your own datacenter or the cloud with your existing certified clusters and ecosystem. The project focuses on ease of use through its UI which can be used to test and monitor functions in tandem with tight Prometheus integration that allows the cluster to auto-scale for demand.

You can deploy OpenFaaS in 60 seconds on Kubernetes or Swarm and thanks to concise code templates all you need to write is a handler in your favourite programming language - let your cluster do the heavy lifting. OpenFaaS was recently trending as the top Golang project on GitHub and has over 4k stars. Come and find out how and why people are leveraging an event-driven architecture along with some cool interactive demos.


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FaaS and Furious - 0 to Serverless in 60 seconds, anywhere

Alex Ellis

Alex is a Docker Captain and Principal Developer @ ADP where he has years of experience in the enterprise supporting payroll and HCM for up to 500k clients. He's a polyglot, blogger, published writer and mentor in the Docker and Raspberry Pi community.