Beginners Hands-On Workshop: Data Viz Using Power BI

18th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

This SkillsCast was filmed at Beginners Hands-On Workshop: Data Viz Using Power BI

This is an informal, practical, hands on workshop aimed at beginners to data visualisation and Power BI. We’ll be looking at how long people live in different countries – and how much they drink; investigating which passengers survived or perished on the Titanic; analysing the text of a BBC News article; and, if time allows, looking at the risk and revenue results of a (fictitious) bank.

We’ll start at 6:30 pm prompt and finish by 8:30 pm latest. For each case study, I’ll give a quick 5-minute intro and demo then there will be a guided exercise for about 20 minutes.

Bring your own laptop. A week before the event, I'll email joining instructions - how to download and install the (free) Power BI Desktop software and a few public datasets.


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Beginners Hands-On Workshop: Data Viz Using Power BI

Mark Wilcock

Mark Wilcock is a lazy data scientist. He likes talking with clients, understanding the business issues and exploring the data but gets bored with data munging. So all the tools he uses are practical and easy to master. Mark runs London Business Analytics Group, a popular, active meetup. He has an MA In Natural Science from Cambridge University and a MBA from Imperial College, London and is a Microsoft MVP on the Data Platform.