Welcome to the Age of Conversational Interfaces!

13th September 2017 in London at CodeNode

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In the age of conversational interfaces, users are increasingly dispensing with swipes, taps, and tiny keyboards and expecting to interact with applications in a more flexible and contextualized way: voice.

Voice recognition software has increasingly grown in popularity from digital assistants to voiceprint identification for individual speakers and always-on interfaces.

In this talk, you will explore the contextualised communications and why it's a key element of applications in the present and future? You will also learn how to add feature rich communications capabilities to your apps using Cortana and Microsoft Bot Framework.

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Welcome to the Age of Conversational Interfaces!

Rabeb Othmani

Rabeb is a developer advocate at Nexmo focusing on cloud communication APIs and helping developers getting the best experience possible when building their apps. All of this while consuming good quality coffee, obviously!